Thursday, July 22, 2010

Discount Realtors Are For Serious Sellers

Discount Realtors provides a great help for your property list in MLS and gain from the real estate market which lacks in the traditional selling method. But questions do come in mind how this works. Answers to our woes on how to sell a property at best market price likes with flat fee realtors. Flat fee realtor understands the market well and helps your property list in MLS to give your property the exposure it needs. It’s an old saying “more you publish more you sell”. But with Continental Real Estate Group you list in MLS once with all the property details and the difference is there to compare.

There are still mis-conceptions in mind of many property owners about list in MLS. Often questions are raised whether MLS gets you the good price for your property which traditional real estate agents might get, and the answer is YES. When your property list in MLS you are approached with genuine buyers who are looking for a kind of property you have and they would definitely be buying their required property at the price you want. Infact, if you list in MLS as FSBO you have all the rights to scale down the price with margin you save while list in MLS. It’s a very basic calculation on how you save and how much you can negotiate with the buyer.

When you list in MLS with Continental Real Estate Group you pay only a small upfront fee that can be around 299$ and the commission you might end up on sale would be something around 2-3%. This is half the amount you might have paid to traditional broker. Flat fee realtor will help you to list in MLS asking information on your property by which buyers would search and some images which will clearly illustrate the property you have listed on sale. Economy downturn has played an immense role in growing demand of flat fee realtors. Owners have understood the help they can get from flat fee realtors to get the best market price for your property and your property listing all gets closed in short period of time.

Continental Real Estate Group is often approached by property owners to get their property list in MLS as being a discount realtor they understand the market much better and therefore guide the best way to list your property in MLS. To list in MLS there are no hidden commissions which owners need to pay to discount realtor. Whoever (broker) brings you the buyer and closes the deal charges 2-3% sales commission which is a great saving for you. Flat fee realtor will list your property in short time as soon as they are provided the details regarding the property to be listed. One can list in MLS as For Sale By Owner paying flat fee realtor a onetime flat fee and relax. Every property owner these days understand the benefits they can get while listing with flat fee realtor and more and more people are approaching them to get their properties sold.

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